Our Mission

The mission of The Nehemiah Institute is to create transformational leaders by providing a top quality liberal arts education and subsequent degree for people in developing areas all around the globe using the latest technology and advanced teaching techniques, provided in a comfortable, safe learning environment at little or no cost to the student.

Our Locations

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    EI Salvador

    The learning unit in San Salvador will open in January 2014 with partner CEDEINFA. If you are interested in being part of our cohort of 2014 in El Salvador, please complete the application form and email to admisiones@thenehemiahinstitute.org

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    The Nehemiah Institute has had many requests to open learning units all around the globe. The next units are planned for South Africa, Peru and Guatemala. If your organization would like to explore the possibility of opening a learning unit, please contact us at contact@thenehemiahinstitute.org.

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    Contact Address

    Telephone: US: 1-304-721-4271
    Fax: 1-520-208-9631
    General Information: